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Dealing with a broken water heater is not fun. Not only are you unable to enjoy the benefits of this modern, plumbing appliance, but you are faced with the possibility of a large repair bill. This is why My Newbury Park Plumber Hero partners with industry leading contractors from Newbury Park, CA, to bring you fast and affordable repair solutions when your water heater stops working.  We are available 24 hours a day, ready to answer the phone and connect you with a certified technician who has the skills, expertise, and knowledge to tackle any water heating issue you face.

Our Water Heater Repair Services in Newbury Park Are Top-Rated

When your water heater ceases to function up to your expectations, let us help! We have trained technicians who are the best in the industry. All of the local technicians that work with us undergo rigorous training, complete apprenticeships, and are required to participate in continuing education on a yearly basis. This dedication to education means that the technician working on your home is knowledgeable about the latest methods and techniques to make repairs in a timely manner, saving you money.

In terms of price, our services are unrivaled. This is because we let our customers know from the very start how much the cost of repairs will be. There is no guesswork involved or surprises on the final bill. We keep it simple and our customers appreciate this.

Common repairs our technicians make include the following:

  • Burning element repairs and replacements
  • Pressure relief valve checks, repairs, and replacements
  • Thermostat adjustments, repairs, and replacements
  • Tank cleaning
  • Pilot light ignition
  • Routine maintenance

And, much more! Call us today to find out about all the water heater repair and replacement services we offer.

Gas and Electric Replacement and Installation

Have you decided that a new water heater is the economical choice? Although these plumbing appliances generally cost more upfront, this purchase can save you money on future repair costs and energy usage. The older a water heater gets the more likely it is to need frequent repairs. Older water heaters also tend to work harder; therefore, using more energy.

New gas and electric water heaters that are ENERGY STAR rated can save you quite a bit of money in utility costs as can tankless water heaters. Our technicians can explain the pros and cons of the different units and set you up with professional installation after you make a purchase.

My Newbury Park Plumber Hero Is Affordable and Fast

Call today and learn why we are the preferred water heater repair and replacement service in Newbury Park for worry-free pricing, flexible scheduling, and money-back guarantees.