Have You Been Ignoring Warning Signs that You Sewer Line Repair?

Sewer line repair in Newbury Park done for less by local plumbers.Sometimes homeowners ignore small signs that their sewer lines need repair or replacement. Grease and food particles may clog your drains and sewer lines. A blocked toilet and slow drainage could be signs of a sewer line problem. The staff at My Newbury Park Plumber Hero knows the signs of sewer lines problems. They can help you repair your sewer line before it causes significant damage to your plumbing system, home, and the environment.

Multiple Clogs

Some of the most obvious signs of a problem are backups from multiple plumbing fixtures. Although the toilet may be most affected by this problem, other fixtures may also be involved. Check other fixtures in your home to determine if your sewer line is clogged.

Plumbing Fixtures Working Strangely

Sewer line problems may cause your fixtures to work in unexpected ways. This may be most noticeable in how the toilet works. Toilets often have the biggest drainpipes and most direct path to the sewer. This means that you can easily determine problems with your sewer lines by how the toilet works. It is almost impossible to have a sewer line problem and a properly functioning toilet. The line is definitely clogged if you notice sewer backup when you flush the toilet.

Other drains that may be affected by a defunct sewer line are the tub and shower drains. A sewer line clog would most likely cause backup of wastewater from the shower and tub drains. Determine if your plumbing system has trapped air. This can be done by running water in the sink near the toilet for a minute or so. If you notice bubbles coming from the toilet or if the water level in the toilet rises, then your sewer line may be clogged.

At My Newbury Park Plumber Hero, we help our clients determine the cause of sewer line problems and provide the most effective solutions for the problems. Contact us today to learn more about our plumbing services.

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